So you want to know more?  Well, right now life is pretty great at HMJ HQ.  I’m working with incredible performers who bring 200% to every session, make some seeeerious bank – and transform the lives of other performers and everyday dreamers too. I get to be a part of making that happen and it feels awesome. 

No day is the same for me. But whatever hat I’m wearing – arts critic, business coach, magazine editor or performer – I’m crazy grateful. My life in show business has taken me around the world and made me the woman I am today. 


But it wasn’t all plain sailing, girl. Let me break it down for you…


I’m 20, and I’ve just escaped abuse and exploitation. I’m taken on my first long-haul trip, to the west coast of the United States.

In San Francisco, my travel companion takes me to a burlesque festival called Tease-O-Rama, and I meet sparkling showgirls like Kalani here…

(IDK what the plastic pearls are about. Cringe!)


As a budding journalist and performer myself, I decide to create a magazine celebrating the amazing performers who embraced and healed me after my trauma.

(Don’t you ‘love’ those old, fuzzy low-res photos taken on your #basic phone? History, though!)

The magazine became… quite popular!

By now I was a graduate digital marketer by day, running email and branding campaigns for household names in the UK – and training them how to do it themselves.

Inevitably, performers wanted to know how to do this too!

As the years went by, I wasn’t just promoting and interviewing performers anymore. 

I was coaching and mentoring them to promote themselves, develop additional income streams, and make precious $$$ they could use to invest, expand, and pay the bills!


21st Century Burlesque Magazine celebrates its 11th year of publication …

… and I am a secret weapon for headline performers and rising stars alike who want to be visible, booked out – and in PROFIT! No starving artists here, no ma’am.

But then, in August 2018, my whole life and business suddenly stops. And I find myself looking at a scan of my spine, and the lesion that has damaged it…


… and I thought: If my working life stopped right now, how many more performers could I have helped and supported if I’d just thrown open the doors to the whole community – the people who gave me a reason to live back in 2005?


Well, darlings, the doors aren’t closed anymore…

So listen up, stars of the stage…

I used to be a secret weapon for those in the know.

But I think it’s time you got ahead in show BUSINESS too!

Let’s talk.