“Working with Holli has been one of the best things I could have done for myself and my business.”

Ginger Valentine (Dita Von Teese: The Art of the Teese)

Hello there, showponies! My name is Holli Mae Johnson, and I help talented, hella ambitious stage performers – like you – stand out, sell out, and use your art to help others.

I teach you the branding, marketing and media know-how to create an engaged following that will queue around the digital block to book you, watch you, and buy from you!

I’ll also show you how to package your knowledge and experience into signature classes, courses and programs. No starving artists here – no ma’am.

 I want you to become confident, business-savvy artists with a purpose – and a message – so you can stand out, generate income, and change lives – including your own!

Previous marketing clients include

All About Holli Mae

My Business Background

I started out 12 years ago as a digital marketing advisor for big name clients including the likes of HMV, Waterstone’s and IPC Media.

Today, I help stage performers make their mark and sell their knowledge, freeing them from financial anxiety and career stagnation.

I’m also a qualified educator (BA Hons. PGCE QTS), so putting awesome programs, packages and courses together really is my jam!


Education is in my Bones

I’ve been an educator all my working life. I’ve taught performing arts to children and young adults, trained household names to create digital marketing campaigns, coached female entrepreneurs, and taught English and Drama in academies.

I mentor all sorts of stage professionals – dance and theatrical instructors, burlesque performers, opera singers, musical theatre darlings, cabaret artistes – you name it!


Publishing and Writing

I kick some creative ass in the world of publishing and journalism, too.

I’m a regular arts critic and feature writer for Londonist and other publications, and I’ve run my own pioneering online magazine, 21st Century Burlesque, for the past 11 years, catering to over 2 million readers.


Hands ON

Everything you see on this awesome website is built, conceived and engineered by my own two, sparkly-manicured hands.

When you work with me, you get a mentor, cheerleader, web developer, educational specialist and branding boffin all in one!